Political harmony: Green party wins social media with spectacular election broadcast


Party leaders sing from the same song-sheet in satirical election advert

THE GREEN PARTY in England and Wales has hit the right notes in a new party election broadcast which brings the Westminster party leaders together to form a pro-establishment boy band.

Entitled ‘Change the tune’, actors portraying party leaders David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage sing in harmony of a shared political agenda.

“We’ll sell off the parts of this broken nation and close the door on immigration. And if a few companies don’t pay tax, let’s not grumble. What’s the harm in that? There’s no harm baby,” the group sings.

The leaders then dance around a giant pound symbol shouting “austerity” before an awkward Nigel Farage dampens the mood by suggesting “Let’s get rid of foreigners”.

The rhyming couplets continue with “Whether it’s Trident or High Speed Two, the lesser of four evils is up to you”.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to react.

Utterly chuffing brilliant Green Party PPB. Neoliberal Manbands – they’re all the same, these days #changethetune https://t.co/044qz5USMg

— Pat Kane (@thoughtland) April 8, 2015

@thoughtland @rosscolquhoun I just hate wackiness in all its forms. Best of luck to them though.

— stuart braithwaite (@plasmatron) April 8, 2015

I genuinely might vote Green on the strength of this *amazeballs* party election broadcast https://t.co/x7QrbMvwKo

— Stephen Daisley (@JournoStephen) April 8, 2015

Least @TheGreenParty have tried a different & more current approach. A nice change – http://t.co/ZTpzkrvhIQ #ChangeTheTune #generalelection

— Elena Dransfield (@elenadransfield) April 8, 2015

I think we should send Nigel, Nick, David and Ed to Eurovision. We would probably win. #ChangeTheTune #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/Fc4lxWCMca

— Mitch Kinney (@MitchKinney) April 8, 2015

This is fantastic; hilarity highlights the insidiousness of #oldboyscoalition. Time to #VoteGreen & #ChangeTheTune: https://t.co/WI5gmVF1a8

— Megan McGrattan (@meganbianca) April 8, 2015

Picture courtesy of The Green Party