Aberdeen-born Dodds given shadow Chancellor role

Aberdeen-born Anneliese Dodds has been named Shadow Chancellor by new Labour leader Keir Starmer, who has re-shuffled the shadow cabinet. Starmer won the leadership with 56 per cent of first round votes, replacing Jeremy Corbyn. Dodds was a surprise name for the shadow chancellor role, having only been an MP in Oxford East since 2017. (Daily Record)

700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath

Today marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the document which is said to be the first in history to advocate a form of Scottish sovereignty. The National Museum of Scotland will now present the document later in the year, after plans for a ceremony were put on hold due to The Coronavirus outbreak. (STV)

Calls to end arms sales to Egypt after child torture report

The UK Government has been condemned for doing arms deals with Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s Egyptian dictatorship, after a report revealed that the regime torturers children through waterboarding and electrocution. Human Rights Watch, which published the report, called on the UK Government and UK arms firms to halt support for the Egyptian regime Defence firms in Scotland which have sold arms to Al-Sisi’s government include Raytheon and Thales, who receive tax-payer funded grants through Scottish Enterprise. (The Ferret)

Fruit farmers recruit thousands

Scottish fruit farmers have managed to recruit thousands of students and former hospitality workers to avert a workforce crisis. Most of the vacancies for low-paid seasonal work usually done by Eastern European workers in Tayside and Fife has now been filled, according to James Porter, a strawberry farmer in the area. (The Guardian)

Credit unions to receive funding support

The Scottish Government has announced two funds to support credit unions, as many report they are already struggling as debtors struggle to make repayments. The Third Sector Resilience Fund and the dedicated Credit Union Resilience Loan Fund will provide more than £20 million in support for credit unions during The Coronavirus Crisis. (The Herald)

Social care worker death raises lack of PPE fears

The death of a social care worker in West Dunbartonshire from Covid-19 has raised fears over the lack of PPE for care workers. Labour MSP Monica Lennon said it was “worrying” that the number of social care workers off sick was “soaring”, and said social care staff in her area have been asked to use PPE “sparingly”. (The National)

Children in Scotland: ScotGov should not lose focus on childcare

Children in Scotland have warned that the Scottish Government must not lose focus on its childcare commitments, after plans to double the number of free hours of childcare were delayed indefinitely due to the crisis. Children in Scotland CEO Jackie Brock said while the delay was “understandable”, they were concerned that no new service delivery date will make it difficult for childcare providers “to manage families’ expectations at a time of extreme stress”. (Third Force News)

New Scottish benefits delayed

New Scottish benefits set to be introduced this year have been delayed due to The Coronavirus crisis. A replacement for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and the introduction of the Child Disability Payment will be delayed, as well as the £10 Scottish Child Payment. (Holyrood)

Scottish Universities stand to lose hundreds of millions

Scottish universities have said they stand to lose hundreds of millions of pounds if foreign students stop coming. Losses for the financial year are approaching £100 million. The universities are also set to be hit by a loss of student rental income, and cultural events not being held in the summer, including this year’s Fringe festival in Edinburgh, which has been cancelled. (The Times)

West Brewery break link with Wetherspoons

  • The Scottish beer firm West Brewery has said it will no longer deliver to Wetherspoons, in protest at its owner Tim Martin’s lamentable attitude towards his employees. Martin said staff could expect pay delays and advising them to get a job at Tesco. West Brewery said that they’ld “rather sweep the streets than do business with people like him”. (The Herald)