Radical Independence Campaign issues “a call to resist” new Tory Government


RIC says campaign is “developing a strategy for independence”

THE Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) has published a statement outlining ten ways in which it plans to organise resistance to the new Tory majority government’s plans to roll back workers’ and human rights at the same time as implementing further public service cuts.

The statement also makes clear that RIC is “developing a strategy for independence”, which the group describes as “a central and permanent theme”. The question of a second referendum has been raised again by the SNP’s overwhelming victory in Scotland in the General Election.

“Scotland is now a country governed by a party it did not vote for. We voted, definitively, against austerity. We concluded that the Tories’ policies would permanently damage the social fabric of democracy and civil rights. We defend democracy and reject the right wing agenda entirely,” RIC states.

Among the ten ways in which the campaign group plans to oppose the Tories agenda, it “will actively mobilise support and assistance for any union that breaks the coming anti-strike laws”, referring to the Tories plan to make it harder for trade unions to take industrial action, and are planning “another mass conference this year”, after 3,000 people attending RIC’s conference in November 2014.

RIC organised ‘mass canvasses’ in deprived communities across Scotland in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish independence last September, and supports an independent Scotland breaking from the Nato nuclear alliance, abolishing the monarchy and for ending austerity and increasing funding in public services by taxing the rich.

Author and playwright Alan Bissett said RIC had “come out with a blazing plan of action against Torygeddon”.

Local groups of the Common Weal in Glasgow have also backed the statement, saying they will “stand with RIC in the fight against this neo-liberal assault”.

They added: “Throughout our communities the most vulnerable have already borne the brunt of the Conservatives ideologically driven, and comprehensively failed, austerity policies, and we will join RIC in the campaign to educate, protect and represent these people.”

To read RIC’s full statement click here.

Picture courtesy of RIC