Radical Independence conference set to debate “critical moment” for Yes movement


Conference set to debate Brexit, independence, Jeremy Corbyn and the future of the British state

THE RADICAL INDEPENDENCE CAMPAIGN (RIC) is set to hold a national conference to address the “critical” issues brought about by the Brexit vote, the rise of socialist Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party and the deepening of the crisis of the British state.

RIC, one of the most successful campaigning organisations of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, will host a conference this Saturday (1 October) 9am to 4 pm, to hear debate and discussion from some of Scotland’s leading activists and political figures.

The conference comes at a time of unprecedented political upheaval following the UK’s shock vote for Brexit in June, which reignited debates about a possible second referendum on Scottish independence and has re-energised the grassroots of the independence movement. The conference also comes after the re-election of socialist Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Danny McGregor, one of the conference organisers, said: “This is a real coming together at a critical moment not just for the independence movement but for the whole left as we discuss and debate the key issues we face at this time of challenges and opportunities.”

“We have a broad range of speakers covering campaigns, activists, trade unionists, independence figures, MPs and MSPs, international guests, youth and academics.”

The conference at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow will play host to a huge array of speakers, including Scottish Green party co-convenor Patrick Harvie, RIC co-founder and columnist at the National Cat Boyd, SNP MP and economist George Kerevan, writer and commentator Gerry Hassan, leading Scottish historian Neil Davidson, Better than Zero activist Stella Rooney, Indian activist Chittibabu Padavala, Common Weal Director Robin McAlpine, human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar and refugee rights activist Pinar Aksu and Novara Media co-founder Aaron Bastani.

It will feature several key panels, debates, and participatory workshops on themes facing the movements for Scottish independence and socialism.

Plenary sessions include; After Brexit: The politics of a future independence referendum, a debate titled Class Corbyn and Independence, and Axis of Corruption: Westminster, the City and the media establishment. There will also be sessions on anti-racism post Brexit, economics and austerity and land reform among many others

The conference will kick off with a plenary session titled The Battle for Democracy.

The conference will be the sixth national gathering of the movement since its inaugural conference in 2008. In 2014 RIC hosted a 3000 strong conference at the Clyde auditorium in Glasgow, the largest indoor gathering of the radical left in Scotland for many years.

CommonSpace will provide extentive coverage from the conference this Saturday.


The full timetable for the event is below. Tickets for the conference can be bought here.


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