#RefugeeCrisis: Things people in Scotland can do to help


Public mobilises to help refugees

COMMONSPACE has put together a list of protests, drop-off points, discussion groups, and fundraising events for people in Scotland who want to help with the escalating refugee crisis.

The crisis has seen millions of destitute refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing hardship and war in the hope of finding safety.

In light of the upsurge of human suffering with the European refugee crisis, many are left feeling helpless. Below is a list of events taking place around Scotland to help refugees:

Glasgow sees Syria

Thousands of people are predicted to attend this vigil for Syrian refugees. It aims to put pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to allow more refugees in the UK.

On Saturday 12 September 12 at 2.30pm, protesters will gather in Glasgow’s George Square and each light a candle to remember those who have died trying to reach safety.

The organisers stated that they wish to: “Peacefully tell our politicians that the people of Glasgow will not abide by the Home Office decision to help so few refugees.”

Follow the event’s developments here .

Edinburgh Sees Syria

This is the sister event to Glasgow sees Syria, which also expect to attract thousands of peaceful protesters.

This event will also take place on 12 September 12 at 2.30pm, and will be held at the Scottish Parliament.

Join the event here .

STUC discussion group

Activists and trade unionists have booked the STUC in Glasgow on 14 September at 7pm to hold an event to discuss how best people in Scotland can alleviate the suffering of refugees.

The aim of the event is to gather as many people as possible to facilitate coordination of different events to help the refugee crisis, plan future events, look into how refugees can be helped here in Scotland and explore how more refugees can be brought to Scotland and supported on arrival.

There is an open invite to this event.

Orkney sees Syria

A group of peaceful protesters will be meeting outside Cathedral Square at midday on 12 September.

In line with the events in Edinburgh and Glasgow, candles will be lit to remember those who lost their lives fleeing suffering and war. This event can be followed here .

Collections will also be taken here in support of CalAid, a group who are raising funds to assist refugees living in the refugee camps in Calais, France.

CalAid is currently in the process of setting up network locations across Scotland to use as a collection point where people can donate essentials. While these are being establishment, donations can be sent directly to: ‘LE VESTIAIRE DES MIGRANTS’, 2 Rue de Croy, 62100, Calais, France.

Slings For Kos

A woman named Rachel Durkin has established an online group to send slings and baby carriers to Kos.

On the page, Durkin wrote: “I am collecting baby slings and carriers to send to Kos. Many destitute women are landing there with small children, and their only means of transport is on foot with a babe in their arms. Having a carrier can ease the burden on them.

“All I ask is that the carrier is clean, in good working order and if possible has the instructions.

“Please send me a message if you would like to donate, and I can send my address for delivery or postage.”

A link to the page can be found here .

CalAid Edinburgh

A drop off point has been created in central Edinburgh at Studio 24, and will open on 3 September.

The point will be open from 2pm-7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 3 onwards. The full address of the drop-off point is: Studio 24, 24-26 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP.

A list of suggested items, from nappies and scarves to toothpaste and medicine, is displayed on the Facebook group page.

Dundee Refugee Support

Dundee Refugee Support are a Facebook group who are collecting donations and crowdfunding to create and deliver survival packs for refugees suffering in Calais.

Keep up to date with their donation delivery dates and up coming events here .

Strathclyde Student Union

Strathclyde Student Union building on John Street will be accepting donations for Calais at their reception from Monday to Friday during office hours.

Stop The War

The Stop the War campaign group has organised a ‘refugees welcome here’ day of action in London. A national demonstration will take place on 12 September at midday at Downing Street.

A link to the Facebook group can be found here .

A quote from the event page reads: “Only one heart didn’t melt at the pictures of the three-year-old Syrian Kurdish boy’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach: David Cameron’s. He responded by refusing to take anymore refugees.

“But he is still promising to try and force parliament to agree more bombing of Syria. Which will force more refugees to flee Syria. And then David Cameron will let them drown too.

“Their only solution is further war, even though it is increasingly obvious that this option is only creating yet more chaos. Just as we oppose wars, we try to show solidarity with its victims.”

If you know of any other events taking place around Scotland, email miriam@common.scot and we’ll add them to the list.

Picture courtest of United Nations Photo