Renewed Calls to Address Living Conditions for Asylum Seekers Following Stabbing

sign for a hotel

Charities and MPs are calling for an inquiry into the living conditions of asylum seekers, and the procurement process that led to hotel detentions.

On Friday the 26th of June, an asylum seeker staying at Park Inn Hotel in Glasgow stabbed 6 people and was then shot by police.

Charities and MPs have been calling for asylum seekers’ living conditions to be addressed, with the following demands:

• Immediate return to residential accommodation

• Demand immediate restoration of money backdated to the beginning of this pandemic

• expediting of people’s asylum cases so they are not left waiting

• demand a full, fully accountable inquiry into the Home Office procurement processes which led to this deadly accommodation crisis and the use of hotel detention.

“We are in the hotel as prisoners” – Siraj, asylum seeker.

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