Ruth Davidson trails far behind Nicola Sturgeon in approval poll


Scotland most likely part of the Union to see the UK as heading in the wrong direction under Conservative Government

SCOTTISH TORY leader Ruth Davidson is lagging far behind First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in approval rating, with substantially more Scots rating her performance poorly than positively according to polling by Lord Ashcroft.

The respected pollsters latest research, which saw interview with 906 Scots and some 10,000 voters across the UK about the direction of the UK also found that Scotland was the most politically dissatisfied part of the UK.

Participants were asked to rate political leaders for the Ashcroft poll from 0 to 100. 54 per cent Davidson below the 50 mark, giving her a -21 per cent negative approval rating.

Davidson’s UK leader, Prime Minister Theresa May, who is currently guiding the UK through the hard Brexit split, fared even worse, with 58 per cent placing her below the 50 point mark, giving her a -23 per cent approval rating.

By contrast, Sturgeon was the only Scottish political leader with a positive approval rating of 11 per cent.

SNP MSP George Adam said: “This is an encouraging poll that once again shows that people trust the strong leadership of Nicola Sturgeon – while all of the most senior Tories remain deeply unpopular in Scotland.

“People are now seeing the real Ruth Davidson who has completely sold out over our single market membership, despite saying it was her ‘overriding priority’. It’s no surprise that an outright majority of people in Scotland disapprove of born-again Brexiteer Ruth Davidson’s job performance – and the news is no better for senior Westminster Tories who are overwhelmingly viewed negatively.

“By unilaterally deciding to tear Scotland out of the single market, the Tories have put their own narrow party political interests ahead of the interests of the country.

“It’s vital that the people of Scotland are given a choice between a damaging hard Brexit and becoming an independent country, something the Tories would deny them as the act like they can treat Scotland as they wish and get away with it.”

The polling showed a stark picture of political polarisation across the UK, with only three out of 11 UK regions dissatisfied with the direction of the UK Government overall.

Scotland was by far the area with the most negative response to a question about whether the UK was on the ‘right track’ – with 55 per cent saying the country was moving in the wrong direction. Scots were followed at a substantial distance by London on 42 per cent and the South West on 39 per cent.

The polling data was also bad news for Labour.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, languished at #41 per cent among Scots. UK leader Jeremy Corbyn rested at -51 per cent among Scots.

US President Donald Trump was the least popular political figure polled at -65 per cent.

CommonSpace requested a comment from the Scottish Conservatives in response to the poll, but received no comment by time of publication.

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