.@scotgov campaign launched to protect vulnerable adults


Scots urged to report their suspicions of abuse suffered by vulnerable adults

THE SCOTTISH Government has launched the second phase of its campaign to raise awareness of the harm and abuse suffered by vulnerable adults.

A series of adverts and a social media drive will highlight the plight of adults at risk because they are elderly, infirm or disabled, and will call on Scots to report any suspicions of abuse.

Under the slogan of ‘Seen Something? Say Something’ the campaign will raise awareness of the signs of neglect and physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse of adults.

Jamie Hepburn Minister for for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health said: “Any form of abuse inflicted on a vulnerable adult is utterly abhorrent. Sadly it is often the case that this kind of abuse goes on beneath the radar, but by keeping an eye out for our neighbours and relatives, we can all do our bit to help.”

“There are people to turn to if you are worried about someone being harmed – a simple call to your local social work department is often all it takes.” Jamie Hepburn MSP

“Building on last year’s campaign we are seeking to raise awareness of these issues and make sure that people know what to do if they think an adult is at risk of harm – whether physical, emotional or financial.

“The good news is that there are people to turn to if you are worried about someone being harmed – a simple call to your local social work department is often all it takes. All the contact details are on our campaign website. Of course, if a person is in immediate danger, don’t hesitate to call the police.”

The abuse of vulnerable adults is illegal in Scotland under special legislation called the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007.

The head of major crime and public protection for Police Scotland, assistant chief constable Malcolm Graham said: “Living a life free from abuse and neglect is a fundamental right of every person. Throughout every community in Scotland there are adults who for a variety of reasons may be at risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect due to the actions, or lack of actions, of another person.

“Unfortunately, there is no typical abuser, and abuse can take place anywhere – a residential establishment, their own door step or the internet. This is why it is vitally important that everyone is able to recognise signs of possible abusive situations involving adults at risk of harm, because local communities can play a vital part in preventing and detecting harm and neglect.

People concerned for the safety of a vulnerable adult can find information at the Act Against Harm website .

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Picture courtesy of Jan Brown