Scotland full of the lulz: Round-up of the daftest #Eclipse2015 tweets


Nation united in looking to the skies with fresh reason to complain about clouds

EYES were on Scotland, peculiarly, in hope of clear skies on Friday ahead of a partial solar eclipse.

Media reported that thousands were heading to Scotland in hope of being best-placed for a good view of the event. The next eclipse of this kind – when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, restricting daylight – in the country won’t be until 2026.

But never a nation to miss an opportunity, plenty took to Twitter to see the funny side of the eclipse. We rounded up a few of the best – or worst, we’re not sure – tweets while everyone was outside staring at the sky.

There were General Election eclipse jokes.

Ed Miliband looks directly into the sun while covering his ears. #eclipse2015

— Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond) March 20, 2015

#eclipse2015 seems to have divided Scotland along cloudy/non-cloudy lines. This divisive astronomical phenomenon must stop.

— Ross Colquhoun (@rosscolquhoun) March 20, 2015

It will be darkest in Scotland and Northern England, not just for #eclipse2015, but for the foreseeable future, economically.

— Not David Cameron (@NHSApathy) March 20, 2015

Apparently the eclipse is “set to plunge Britain into darkness”. Too late, universe – David Cameron beat you to it.

— Graeme Roberts (@GraemeRoberts14) March 20, 2015

All this talk of an eclipse Is really just the tories putting the lights out for a few hours to finally put us back to the dark ages.

— Mark McHugh (@tinman_69) March 20, 2015

This solar eclipse would never have happened under a Labour government.

— Matt Owen (@MJowen174) March 20, 2015

The eclipse of Scottish Labour takes place from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 7th May.

— allan cook (@allancook3) March 20, 2015

Next Eclipse of similar coverage to tomorrow’s one, won’t occur until 2090. Maybe Scot Labour will have just about recovered then too.

— Chris Darroch (@ChrisDarroch2) March 20, 2015

An eclipse in the middle of rush hour? Whose bloody brilliant idea was that? And Labour are no better before you say anything. This country.

— RICHARD FREEDMAN (@Freeeedog) March 16, 2015

You can’t have a day of talking about the sun without bringing Rupert Murdoch and co into it, obviously.

Remember just looking at 10% of the Sun can damage your eyes for life, that also applies to the Daily Record, Mail and Express.

— John Jess (@ClearlyNuts) March 20, 2015

There were a lot of Scottish weather jokes. A lot.

Scotland is constantly in a state of eclipse so we will not really notice it #eclipse2015

— Brian McRoberts (@Brimcrob) March 20, 2015

Optimism always needed for astronomical events in Scotland. #eclipse2015

— Andy McL (@Frizaven) March 20, 2015

95% sun coverage. The feeling of eternal darkness. Or as Scotland calls it ‘Summer’. #Eclipse2015

— Thomas Pullen (@ThomasPullen) March 20, 2015

Don’t know what the big deal is with the Solar Eclipse. We get that every day here in the west of Scotland. #NaeSun #eclipse2015

— James Barker (@JamBar1976) March 20, 2015

You only get 95% coverage of the sun by the moon in England, whereas in Scotland the sun will be covered 100%, by clouds #eclipse2015

— SD Ritchie (@sdritchie) March 20, 2015

People keep telling me there is an eclipse today, This is Scotland we don’t see the sun normally #eclipse2015

— Stefan Mackie (@SeptymusPrime) March 20, 2015

The sun will disappear in a flash in Scotland this morning….nothing new there! #eclipse2015 uk

— Mark (@markcing) March 20, 2015

Well done @BBCBreakfast for sending the weather girl to Scotland to *not* see the sun. That happens most days up here #eclipse2015

— Simon Mills (@thesimonmills) March 20, 2015

Pity I’ll miss #eclipse2015. On the other hand there’s no rush to get back to #Scotland The sun is blocked most of the year anyway.

— Andy Cowle (@andycowle) March 20, 2015

Eclipse will seem just like a normal winter’s morning in Scotland #eclipse2015

— Yes (@JMchools) March 19, 2015

#eclipse2015 or as we know it in Scotland spring!

— Clare Kennedy (@53clare) March 20, 2015

You get solar eclipse rarely? In #scotland we get it every day #eclipse2015

— Daniel Tsvetkov (@daniel_tcv) March 20, 2015

I don’t get all the excitement about the Eclipse,the Sun being blocked over Scotland happens all the time…. #eclipse2015

— Mikey (@WestPilton) March 20, 2015

Eclipse in Scotland? How would we tell?? #eclipse2015

— Beth Faulds (@BethKesh) March 20, 2015

Streets full of mournful Glaswegians staring at the sky, longing to see the sun. Like most March mornings then…

— John Fellows (@John_Fellows) March 20, 2015

Comedian Frankie Boyle joined in. Saracastically, we hope.

In Glasgow it’s just another day of the Sun being totally eclipsed by clouds

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) March 20, 2015

Some offered some helpful advice, which came too late for CommonSpace.

Remember not to look directly at jokes about the eclipse.

— Matt Leys (@mattleys) March 20, 2015

Some missed out on the whole thing completely, like Buzzfeed’s Jamie Ross.

I’m inside a train, facing away from the sun, on a cloudy day, next to a man eating Monster Munch at 9.13am. This is my worst eclipse yet.

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) March 20, 2015

And others had much better ideas. This would have been cool.

I almost wish we hadn’t been told about the eclipse. A massive in-joke between astronomers. “Don’t say anything guys!” *DARKNESS DESCENDS*

— Zara Gladman (@zanyzaz) March 20, 2015

Picture: PA