Scotland’s Women to march against Trump across Scotland’s cities

Nathanael Williams

As the presidential inauguration approaches, women across Scotland are readying for a week of action to oppose his politics

WOMEN across Scotland are getting ready to mark the inauguration of Donald J Trump as President of the US with a string of protests, marches and community action.

In solidarity with the March on Washington, where hundreds of thousands of women plan to march against Trump in the US, women and organisations in Scotland plan to do the same.

The tycoon, Republican nominee and President-elect has drawn criticism for his methods of campaign and stances on a range of issues affecting women and racial and sexual minorities.

“Current signs are certainly pointing to a rollback of hard-won women’s rights.” Alys Mumford

Alys Mumford, communications & engagement manager of Engender said: “It’s fantastic to see so many women in Scotland coming together to take action in solidarity with women, people of colour, migrants, disabled people the LGBTQI community and all those who are fearful of what a Trump presidency will mean in the USA and around the world.

“While there are still many questions about what policies will emerge, current signs are certainly pointing to a rollback of hard-won women’s rights.”

Trump who has warned against demonstrations in the US in response to his presidency will be inaugurated on Friday (20 January) in Washington DC. 

Even before running in the US presidential race, the property developer turned politician has been the subject of criticism for his cavalier and abusive attitude towards women in the public and private sphere. During the campaign and presidential debates, Trump gained notoriety by calling democratic opponent Hillary Clinton “a nasty woman”, calling for her arrest, and alluded to new anchor Megan Ryan’s menstrual cycle. Tapes later emerged of Trump boasting of his ability to sexually assualt women, which included his now infamous use of the derogatory phrase “grab them by the pussy” when describing his treatment of women.

However, in the election result, to the shock of some analysts, 42 per cent of women overall voted for Trump with him winning 53 per cent of white women.

On the same day, the group Bridges not Walls are planning demonstrations at key bridges around the cities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. At these events they will drop banners from bridges with anti-Trump messages affirming messages supporting feminist and multicultural values.

The main march against Trump is also planned on the day of the inauguration itself with thousands expected to attend in London and Edinburgh.

“We are pleased to support women to take action in whatever form they choose, and will continue our fight for women’s equality in Scotland and internationally”, she added.

The organisations Gender and Zero Tolerance have both invited people to also join them at the Glasgow Women’s Library on Thursday of this week for planning and banner making.

Picture courtesy of Matt Johnson

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