Scots-German MEP appointed chair of EU parliament foreign affairs committee


David McAllister, who supports #ScotlandInEurope, appointed to chair key EU committee

A SENIOR MEP SUPPORTIVE of Scotland’s voice in Europe has been appointed to chair one of the European Union’s key committees. 

David McAllister, a rising political figure in Germany’s ruling CDU party, will chair the EU parliament foreign affairs committee after winning the support of colleagues across Europe. 

German support grows for Scotland to stay in European Union  

McAllister, whose father hails from Glasgow, maintains strong sympathies for Scotland’s place in the EU – and spoke out following the Brexit vote in favour of Scotland’s Government being recognised in the negotiations process. 

McAllister, also a vice president of the European Parliament’s biggest group, the EPP, met in private with Scottish MSPs from the Holyrood parliament’s Europe committee yesterday (Monday 23 January) in Brussels.

McAllister is one of many German politicians across the German political spectrum who has shown support for Scotland’s place in Europe. 

Ross Greer MSP, part of the delegation to Brussels this week, said the visit identified a “deep well” of good feeling towards Scotland. 

Greer said: “We have friends across Europe who are concerned that our voice isn’t being listened to inside the UK and that the Westminster government seems to have made compromise with the Scottish Government’s proposals impossible. 

“Special treatment for an independent Scotland however, which would keep us in the EU, is clearly an option many in Europe are very open to. An independence referendum now seems likely and it’s good to know that our friends across the continent are ready to welcome Scotland in to the family of nations.”

On his committee appointment, McAllister added: “Thank you very much for the trust you placed in me. I will endeavour to be a nonpartisan in leading the business in this committee.”

Picture courtesy of CDU in Niedersachsen

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