Scots wave power expertise behind Chinese green tech sector boom

Nathanael Williams

Scotland joins with European countries to aid Chinese renewables development

SCOTLAND’S wave and tidal technology sector is playing a key role in research and development of Chinese renewables.

EU funded Scots experts in tidal and wave energy who work at the Orkney-based European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) are helping to build testing centres in China.

As part of £200m development, EMEC engineers are helping to ensure the marine laboratory campus in Shandong Province, China can get up and running.

Scottish renewables industry extends operations around the globe

Neil Kermode, managing director of EMEC, who visited the Qingdao lab to take part in a research workshop said: “EMEC has more than a decade of experience in the design, build and operation of its marine energy test facilities in Orkney.

“We have had more wave and tidal devices tested at EMEC than anywhere else in the world. 27 devices from 17 companies and nine different countries being involved in these projects.

“Such important research and development activity has created a UK-wide boost to innovation in the maritime economy supply chain which is world-leading and already exporting its knowledge and expertise.”

Scottish Enterprise, the public body set up by the Scottish Government to encourage exporting and research development welcomes such moves for greater collaboration in the field of research.

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A spokesperson for SE operations told CommonSpace: “These partnerships across countries in the sectors are not only beneficial in terms of economic future prosperity but the research in itself has continual value.”

Researchers from EMEC also see this collaboration between Scotland, European nations and Chinese authorities as vital in encouraging China to develop more sustainable and environmentally sustainable.

Kermode added: “We’ve been met with a real appetite in China to learn from the experience gained over the last decade at EMEC, and we’re keen to continue building collaborative R&D and links to help drive the development of ocean energy on a global scale.”

Picture courtesy of Nick Cross

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