Scott On Scotland: Understanding the Scotland Bill with @AngelaHaggerty and @JournoStephen


Latest episode of NewsShaft’s Scott on Scotland is now out

IN this week’s episode of Scott on Scotland, one of NewsShaft’s new shows , presenter Carolyn Scott takes a look at the complexities of the Scotland Bill and the role of the media and government of making it understandable for the public.

Writes Carolyn: “Have you read the Scotland Bill? Probably not, it’s not the most entertaining read. I’m one of those strange individuals who finds it genuinely enjoyable to read that kind of legislation – it doesn’t mean I fully understand it though… but who does?

“One of the things that constantly frustrates me about the current political landscape is, we are losing the high level of engagement in issue politics that we saw during the referendum.

“It’s understandable that most people just switch off when they hear about the Scotland Bill or the Smith Commission, it is complex legislation but it has to be. It’s an important Bill bringing about constitutional change, and whether you think that it’s lacking, or you think Scotland has enough powers (and therefore the Bill goes too far), it’s a discussion that we should be having in public, and in accessible language.”

Joining Carolyn on the show to discuss the problem of accessibility is CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty and STV News’ digital political correspondent Stephen Daisley.

Click here to listen to part one of the show – part two next week will take a more in-depth look at the Bill itself.

Picture courtesy of NewsShaft