Scottish Government fracking research a “damning verdict” on drilling threats 


Fresh research provides firm foundation for fracking ban, environmentalists claim

NEW EVIDENCE gathered from top energy experts for the Scottish Government proves that fracking is dangerous, according to campaigners Friends of the Earth Scotland (FotE Scotland).

The Scottish Government, publishing the research, said it would remain neutral on fracking ahead of further public consultation in the new year, but campaign groups argue that the research provides conclusive proof in favour of a full ban.

The potential for Fracking, a form of unconventional gas extraction, has concerned community groups over pollution, climate, and economic impacts. 

Friends of the Earth head of campaigns Mary Church said: “Fracking is bad for the climate, bad for public health and won't do much good for the economy. That's the damning verdict of the independent studies published by the Scottish Government, echoing the concerns of communities across the country.

“The economic case for pursuing an unconventional gas industry in Scotland simply doesn't stand up, while the risks of doing so could be utterly devastating for communities and the environment. No state has had a moratorium on fracking, looked at the evidence and decided it’s a good idea.

Fracking critics call for ban as wealth of independent research published

“Support for fracking is at an all time low. People just don't want this dirty, dangerous industry. We are confident that when the Scottish people are given a chance to have their say in the forthcoming Government consultation, the answer will be a resounding ‘no’ to fracking.”

The evidence, collected over a summer of research, covered seismic activity, community impacts from transportation, economic impacts, decommissioning impacts and compatibility with greenhouse gas emission targets. 

FotE Scotland’s conclusions include that more fossil fuel extraction will increase climate change; that air and water hazards would threaten public health; and that the economic benefits of the technology would be minor. 

Fracking in Scotland : A brief introduction

Scottish Government energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said the government would consider responses from those in favour and against fracking over the course of 2017.

Tory MSPs, the only party in parliament which supports fracking, raised the possibility that the technology could reduce Scotland’s dependency on gas imports – meaning a net efficiency in the country’s carbon footprint. 

Others are more skeptical. 

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks added: “Looking at the three tests posed by the Government’s own independent climate watchdog, it’s very hard to see how Scotland could go ahead with fracking without breaching its carbon targets.”

Picture courtesy of Scotland Against Fracking

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