Scottish Green conference backs plans for new independence referendum 


Hard Brexit fears prompt Scottish Green backing for indyref2 plan 

A BILL IN FAVOUR of a fresh independence referendum would have a majority in parliament, after the Scottish Greens backed early plans for a vote. 

The Scottish Greens conference in Perth was meeting for the first time since the party won six MSPs in May, and since voters in Scotland supported remaining in the European Union. 

The party’s backing is crucial, as it confirms that the Scottish Government would secure a parliamentary majority if the new Scottish Independence Referendum Bill 2017 was proposed. 

The Green’s ‘Scotland In Europe’ motion endorsed ongoing work for a fresh ‘Green Yes’ campaign to pursued the public to endorse independence. 

MSP Ross Greer, who moved the motion, said: “It's becoming clear that Scotland may have to choose between the Brexit disaster zone Westminster is preparing for us or the fairer, more progressive society we could build with independence. 

“Greens played a leading role in the 2014 referendum and we will continue to build the case for independence as a means of achieving a more just Scotland. It must remain an option on the table as the prospect of a damaging hard Brexit, driven by a bigoted Tory agenda, grows ever stronger.”

Scottish Government publishes draft Scottish Independence Referendum bill 2017

The motion added that conference “endorses the work of the parliamentary group and their
advisors in exploring and scrutinising the options available to continue Scotland’s status within the EU and in developing a set of potential ‘red lines’ in the Brexit negotiation process”. 

It remains to be seen whether any substantial gains for Scotland’s position can be gained from within the negotiation process, which raises the prospect of a fresh independence vote. 

The Scottish Government has published a draft independence bill for public consultation until January 11th 2017.

Picture courtesy of Green Yes

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