Scottish Greens reassert independence referendum support in wake of General Election 


Brexit threat justifies giving Scottish people choice, Scottish Greens say (photo above from September 2015 campaigning)

SCOTLAND’S FOURTH MAJOR PARTY, the Scottish Greens, remain committed to a referendum on independence – despite attempts from unionist parties to derail the mandate of the Scottish Parliament. 

Unionist party leaders have continuously called for a future referendum to be blocked, irrespective of the threat Brexit brings to Scotland’s economy and place in the world. 

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon promised to “reflect” on the outcome of the General Election, which saw the Tories reverse decades of failure in Scotland to win just over a dozen seats and Scottish Labour benefit from the socialist leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The SNP, although winning fewer seats, still emerged as by far the largest party in Scotland.

A Scottish Green spokesperson told CommonSpace: “We voted for another referendum on the basis of the timings and nature of Brexit, and we still think that was the right call.”

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In March the Scottish Parliament backed a future referendum by 69 votes to 59, after the Tory Government refused to back compromise proposals tabled four months earlier to back a soft Brexit or a differentiated deal for Scotland. 

Tory Prime Minister Theresa May rejected any talks on Scotland’s constitutional future, claiming that “now is not the time” for a referendum – although the proposals was for negotiations over a vote in late 2018 to Spring 2019. 

Attempts to mobilise unionist sentiment against a referendum was a key campaign message for Tory Ruth Davidson during the General Election. However, with support from both the SNP and the Scottish Greens there was majority support in parliament. 

Fresh economic inflation figures found an increase to 2.9 per cent, meaning that the ‘Brexit squeeze’ on living standards is expected to continue throughout the year. 

Picture courtesy of Scottish Green Party 

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