Scottish Labour succeeds in local by-elections

Chris McQuade

SNP fails to win any of the seats contested in local by-elections

SCOTTISH LABOUR has won two seats in local council by-elections. 

Claire Quigley took the Fortissat post in North Lanarkshire, while Jim Kavanagh retained the Cardonald seat in Glasgow for Labour.

The Cardonald seat was contested after Labour’s Alistair Watson died in June. 

“This was a by-election no-one in Glasgow wanted.” Councillor Jim Kavanagh 

Kavanagh received 2,936 votes, while second place SNP candidate Alex Mitchell took 2,101. 

Councillor Kavanagh said: “This was a by-election no-one in Glasgow wanted, but I will work tirelessly to stand up for the people of Cardonald and honour the memory of Alistair Watson.

“Only Labour in Glasgow is standing up against austerity and for a city that works for the many, not the few.”

Paying tribute to his late friend, Kavanagh Tweeted: “This one’s for you, Big Al.”

The Fortissat by-election was sparked when Scottish Conservatives candidate Sandy Thornton refused to take the position after being elected during the local elections in May.

Thornton reportedly refused to sign documents needed to make his appointment official. 

Scottish Labour’s Claire Quigley took the position, after winning 1,420 votes. 

On a dismal night for the SNP, A Better Britain – Unionist Party came second with 858 votes. 

SNP candidate Mags Murphy won 761 votes, the Scottish Conservatives took 424 and independant candidate Charlie Cefferty won 184. 

Scottish Greens candidate Kyle Davidson won 24 votes, Ukip’s Daryl Gardner took 18.

“I am delighted that the people of Fortissat have put their faith in me as their new councillor.” Councillor Quigley

Councillor Quigley said: “I am delighted that the people of Fortissat have put their faith in me as their new councillor. 

“I’m looking forward to standing up for local people in the council chamber, and joining a Labour group which is defending vital local services from brutal cuts made by the SNP government in Edinburgh.”

The Fortissat vote is reported to have cost the taxpayer £25,000 following Tory Thornton refusing to take the position. 

Following defeat in the Cardonald seat, the SNP’s Mitchell took to social media, saying: “A huge thanks to every single one of our activists and elected members that took part in the campaign. It was great fun! #teamSNP

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said: “Labour hold their seat in Cardonald. Dissapointed but v proud of campaign team & fabulous candidate @Mr_Mitchell who put in so much graft.”

Picture courtesy of Twitter

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