Scottish Twitter responses to Syriza victory in Greece


Syriza, the anti-austerity party of the left, has won the Greek elections. Scottish Journalists, politicians, trade-unionists, activists and more responded on Twitter to the historic breakthrough. Here’s a selection of the tweets:

Cat Boyd, Radical Independence Campaign co-founder, was in Athens for the Syriza victory:

Early exit poll suggests a large #Syriza majority. Radical left wing ideas are gaining traction across Europe. We need same in Scotland too!

— Cat Boyd (@kittycatboyd) January 25, 2015

Toni Giugliano works for the SNP in the EU in Brussels:

#Syriza is sending shockwaves here in Brussels and across the #EU. If exit polls correct it’s the dawn of a new Social Europe. #Greece

— Toni Giugliano (@ToniGiugliano) January 25, 2015

John Finnie, member of parliament for the Highlands & Islands:

Exit polls looking very good for #Syriza – here’s hoping #endausterity

— John Finnie MSP (@JohnFinnieMSP) January 25, 2015

Neil Mackay is deputy editor of the Sunday Herald newspaper:

Looks like I’m going to partying tonight for #Syriza … Come on ya beauties

— NeilMackay (@NeilMackay) January 25, 2015

The Scottish Green Party’s sister organisation in Greece recently joined and became part of the Syriza coalition:

Wishing all the best to our friends in #SYRIZA, including the Greek Greens. Today’s election could be beginning of the end for austerity.

— Scottish Greens (@scotgp) January 25, 2015

Socialist activists in the Scottish Left Project and the Scottish Socialist Party went to Athens to support Syriza in their election bid (picture above):

Delegation from Scotland at Syriza HQ! @colinfoxssp @Jonathon_Shafi @kittycatboyd @David_Jamieson7 #votesyriza2015

— Suki (@sukisangh) January 25, 2015

Ian Bell is a journalist for The Herald:

The banking class and their politicians will now throw all the crap they’ve got at the people of Greece. #syriza#pourencouragerlesautres

— Ian Mackay Bell (@IanBell1916) January 25, 2015

Jim Sillars, former SNP MP, is a critic of the European Union:

Rejoice but be prepared,EU elite will try to crush #Syriza govt. Should remind Merkel that in 1953 West Germany had half its debt cancelled

— Jim Sillars (@NaeFear) January 25, 2015

Peter McColl is the Common Weal’s Policy Unit director and Rector of the University of Edinburgh:

We may not even be half way through the economic crisis. #Greece today may be the turning point for people against capital #SYRIZA

— Peter McColl (@PeterMcColl) January 25, 2015

Picture courtesy of Suki Sangha from Twitter @Sukisangh