Second opinion poll in a week finds majority now support Scottish independence


New TNS poll finds young and middle aged Scots would strongly back a Yes vote

THERE HAS BEEN an increase in support for Scottish independence, according to the second poll in a week to find a majority of people in Scotland would vote ‘Yes’ in a fresh referendum.

Polling agency TNS found that 47 per cent of people now support independence with 42 per cent opposed. Eleven per cent of people said they didn’t know how they would vote if a referendum took place tomorrow.

As a straight Yes or No result, this represents 53 per cent support for independence and 47 per cent against.

The poll follows a breakthrough survey seven days ago by Ipsos Mori which found 55 per cent support for a Yes vote .

Only four polls published between 2011 and the referendum vote in September 2014 placed a vote for independence in the lead.

The latest TNS result has re-emphasised previous findings that support for independence is highest among the young and working class .

Support for a Yes vote was 68 per cent among 16-34 year olds and 57 per cent among 35-54 year olds.

However, among those over 55 there remained strong support for the union. Sixty-five per cent of those over 55 supported the status quo with only 35 per cent support for independence.

Support for a Yes vote was also ahead in every wealth bracket expect for those with the most wealth.

It remains unclear whether a fragile lead for a Yes vote will be enough to encourage a second referendum during the next term of the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is yet to decide whether to place such a commitment in its manifesto for the 2016 Scottish elections.

Picture courtesy of Kyoshi Masamune