Sir Stephen House to stand down as head of Police Scotland


Controversial head of Police Scotland to leave job in three months time

SIR STEPHEN HOUSE, the architect of Police Scotland, is to step down as the force’s chief constable in three months time.

House, who was previously chief constable of Strathclyde police, oversaw the amalgamation of eight regional Scottish police forces into a single national police force.

Police Scotland, launched on April 1 2013, has been shaken by a series of controversies including the failure to respond to a fatal crash on the M9 for three days and revelations of widespread use of stop and search of juveniles.

House was due to stand down with the expiration of his contract in September 2016. Policing expert Dr Nick McKerrell told CommonSpace “This welcome news is long overdue. Sir Stephen House was overindulged by the Scottish Government with the single force structure.

“He also exploited the lack of proper accountability in the new structures. Real change, however, will not come at the top levels of the Scottish police until there is fundamental structural reform,” he said.

Former SNP leader Gordon Wilson last week called for major reform and decentralisation of Police Scotland .

Despite opposition politicians calls for House to stand down First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has always stated her confidence in him.

Picture courtesy of Ninian Reid