Smart arse sets up ’15k could be better spent’ generator amid #TheGlasgowEffect outrage


You know you’ve made a lasting impact when someone sets up a generator – we applaud you, Ellie Harrison

A WELL-MEANING smart arse has set up an online generator suggesting how PS15,000 of funding for a now controversial arts project could be better spent.

Robbie Seath, who is very admirably shaving his long hair for charity soon and would like you to donate – which you good souls can do here – created the website after news of the funding for Ellie Harrison’s arts project The Glasgow Effect, which will entail not leaving the city of Glasgow for an entire year , hit the headlines and sent social media into a rage about use of public funds.

Some of the suggestions for better use of PS15,000 in the generator include 300,000 plastic bags, buying Rangers 15,000 times over, 10,000 Jagerbombs in the Cathouse and 750 score bags of weed.


We’re not sure how any of these would make a creative contribution to the arts like Harrison’s project may well do over the next 12 months, but it was quite funny.

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