‘Smash a Fenian Day’ poster emailed to SNP MSP James Dornan

Alasdair Clark

An email encouraging violence against Catholics has been sent to a Glasgow MSP 

AN MSP has been targetted by a “vile” email circular encouraging violence against Scotland’s Catholic community, the “Smash a Fenian” email, thought to mimic a similar “Punish a Muslim” event, claims to award points for varying acts of violence.

Mr Dornan has reported the communication to Police Scotland and the Scottish Parliament’s security team. 

Described by Transport minister Humza Yousaf as “shocking and vile”, the anonymous poster encourages “all Protestants” to carry out a range of crimes to “put all fenians back in their place”.

The email continues: “It is time for our religion to fight the plastic Irish in our country.

“These fenian bastards have infiltrated our society, our councils and our government as well as high ranking officials in law.”

The poster goes on to award points for various criminal acts perpetrated against the Catholic community, including stabbing, shooting and “burning a chapel or place they congregate”. 

Extra points were listed for attacks which targetted Scottish nationalists, Catholics, and Muslims. 

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Responding to the image tweeted by his colleague, Humza Yousaf said: “Shocking. Vile stuff. All it takes is one person to act upon this and folk will get hurt. 

“Pleased [James Dornan] has reported to the Police.”

Police Scotland confirmed they had received a report on the matter: “Police have received a complaint regarding an offensive communication and enquiries are ongoing.”

The poster appears to mimic another sent recently which encouraged an anti-Muslim day of violence, similarly awarding points for various hate crimes. 

The Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia, established in the Scottish Parliament and chaired by Anas Sarwar MSP, met recently to discuss the poster with Police Scotland. 

Anas Sarwar said:  “We recognise the fear and alarm that the ‘Punish a Muslim’ campaign is causing, which has no place in society. An attack on one person living in Scotland, regardless of faith, is an attack on us all.

“Our advice to people concerned by this campaign is to go about your daily life, but remain vigilant, and we urge everyone to look out for their friends, family and neighbours.

“Any suspicious or concerning activity should be reported to the police, and we have received assurances from Police Scotland there will be extra vigilance around faith buildings and where there are large gatherings.

“Scotland must be united as one community of equals, and we have a duty to look out for one another. Only by working together can we tackle Islamophobia and all forms of racism and prejudice.”

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