SNP MPs promise to “champion” LGBTI equality at Westminster.


SNP LGBTI Equality Manifesto aims to build on progress against homophobia 

AN ADDITIONAL SNP MANIFESTO focused on LGBTI rights will aim to steer the party’s equalities agenda in the next session of the Westminster Parliament. 

Published ahead of Thursday’s [June 8] General Election vote, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claims the mini-manifesto highlights the way forward to confront bigotry and inequality suffered by those with minority sexual and gender identities. 

Reaffirming the progress that has already been made through equal marriage and hate crime laws, the manifesto calls for greater action to support LGBTI asylum seekers, promote equality as part of UK foreign policy, and develop equal pension rights for same-sex couples. 

Nicola Sturgeon said: “The SNP is committed to securing full equality for LGBTI people, and we have a proud record of championing LGBTI equality in government and at Westminster.

“Equality and human rights are fundamental to our values and aims as a progressive social democratic party, and under the SNP Scottish Government Scotland has become one of the best countries in the world for LGBTI equality.

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“We have delivered Scotland’s progressive equal marriage and hate crime laws, we have given record funding to LGBTI equality organisations, and we have driven forward equality in our public services – but we know that there is still more to do.”

Pledges in the manifesto include:

Reform the asylum system to ensure that people forced to flee persecution because they are LGBTI have access to asylum in the UK, are not held in arbitrary detention, and are treated in a fair manner with dignity and respect.

Promote LGBTI rights internationally as an integral part of UK foreign policy, including through the establishment of a special envoy to advance the rights of LGBTI people in Chechnya and across the world.

Ensure equal pension rights for same-sex couples, by changing the law to stop pension companies from discriminating against same-sex spouses through paying them much smaller survivor’s pensions than mixed-sex spouses.

The Time for Inclusive Education (Tie) Campaign have been pushing the Scottish Government for greater action and funding for LGBTI inclusive education in schools, which has, following much campaigning, led to the establishment of a working group to consider further proposals. 

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