SNP Westminster leader tells Brussells of “lies and deceit” of the Brexit campaign

Caitlin Logan

European Policy Centre to hear from SNP MP on Brexit and the single market

IAN BLACKFORD MP, leader of the SNP group at Westminster, will deliver a speech to the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels on Thursday, telling of public distrust of the Tory government, Brexit “chaos”, and the importance of remaining in the single market.  

The MP for Skye and Lochaber will speak at an event organised by the European think-tank entitled “The Withdrawal Bill and the impending constitutional crisis”. Blackford is expected to be scathing in his remarks about Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit process and of those involved in the Leave campaign who are now represented in May’s cabinet.

 “The lies and deceit of the Brexit campaign for Leave have been called out – never again will the public trust the Conservatives.” SNP MP Ian Blackford

Blackford will say: “The lies and deceit of the Brexit campaign for Leave have been called out – never again will the public trust the Conservatives.

“We see that highlighted in the recent approval ratings for the Prime Minister herself – scoring an all-time low last week – just 26 per cent of voters now think Theresa May will “get the right deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations” and 66 per cent of voters say they disapprove of the way the government is handling Brexit negotiations.
‘’UK politics has hit a dead end. There’s no way forward, nor a way back for Theresa May. She must create a new path – and she can do that – by working across the political spectrum, showing some respect to the constituent parts of the UK and dropping her obsession with a no deal.”

Blackford, who, along with his SNP colleagues, has pushed for continued membership of the European single market upon leaving the EU, will also argue that the upcoming UK budget must be planned on this basis.  

He will say: “Next Wednesday, the Chancellor will deliver his budget in Westminster. That budget must be delivered on the basis of the UK’s continued membership of the single market.

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“This will not only settle the markets but more importantly will give business the confidence it so desperately needs to invest.’’
Speaking ahead of his speech, Blackford said: “The EU Withdrawal Bill is damaging and unworkable, and Theresa May’s government is in a state of chaos. This speech to the European Policy Centre is an opportunity to raise these issues and look ahead.
‘’A week before the Chancellor delivers his Budget amidst all this Brexit mess Philip Hammond has to put a stop to the endless failed austerity and also give some confidence to the business community so anxious about Brexit – by delivering a Budget based on continued membership of the Single Market.

“The dangers of a Hard Tory Brexit are now obvious for all to see and completely avoidable.”

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