Social Security and technological change – CS special week of coverage 22-26 July

Ben Wray

Contribute to our special week of coverage on social security and technological change from 22-26 July by e-mailing with your thoughts

PREDICTED Scottish job losses from the new wave of technological change vary from the hundreds of thousands to the millions, but what is not in doubt is the profound economic disruption that is set to come from automation in almost every industry sector.

The prospect of increasing inequality in a country where economic control is already in a small number of private hands is therefore evident. With it come the risks of even more poverty and destitution.

At the same time, technological progress brings with it increased productivity and the potential to reduce the burden of labour upon all of us, if the gains of productivity improvements are shared equally.

How do we ensure social security for all in an age of technological change?

CommonSpace will be running a special week of coverage from 22-26 July to explore this. Some of the issues we will be looking at include:

– Universalism and technological change: is basic income, basic services or basic jobs the way forward?

– How should trade unions adapt to technological transformation?

– The rise of the digital platforms: How has our economy changed already?

And we want to hear from you. Send us your thoughts on social security and technological change in to and we’ll publish them on the site. 

Our week of coverage will culminate in a CommonSpace Forum on 25 July, 7.30pm, at the Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, 7.30pm. For full details and tickets, visit the Eventbrite here. To share with friends, visit the Facebook event here

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