Sonic Youth star Thurston Moore backs independence for Scotland 


Star US-born guitarist Thurston Moore wants Scottish independence “more than ever”

THURSTON MOORE, singer and guitarist in world acclaimed rock group Sonic Youth, has spoken out on his hope that Scotland becomes an independent country. 

Reported by online media group Kiltr, Moore – now living in London – said that he had been a supporter of independence in the first referendum, and hoped the opportunity would be grasped in a future vote. 

In the interview, Moore said: “I still think Scotland should secede from the UK. I’m all for Scottish independence – I was really upset it didn’t happen, but I think with Brexit, it should now happen more than ever.”

Kiltr said that Sonic Youth are “one of the most influential bands of the latter part of the twentieth century, and their frontman Thurston Moore is one of the most influential guitarists ever.”

Some of world’s most famous musicians, actors, and writers backed independence in 2014. The campaign included a gig at Edinburgh Usher hall with acts including Franz Ferdinand, Frightened Rabbit, Eddi Reader, Mogwai, Amy Macdonald and Stanley Odd. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new independence referendum to take place between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 to let the people of Scotland decide the country’s future between independence and a Tory UK outside the EU.

Picture courtesy of Paul Hudson

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