Stacey Anderson and Natali Milligan: How we’re building food solidarity in Castlemilk

Ben Wray

Contributing to our special week of coverage on the right to food, Stacey Anderson and Natali Milligan from Women Against Capitalism in Castlemilk explain why they are organising a local event on 13 April based around sharing food

CASTLEMILK Share and Care isn’t about helping folk (although it is) its not dishing out charity or handing anything down.  

It’s about helping ourselves by showing practical solidarity to those of us who are struggling by bringing a dish we love, sharing and giving our time for free because that’s what community does.  Following on from our Universal Credit event highlighting the unfair, and at times illegal treatment of claimants, we want to continue to display solidarity within our community.

So It’s more about helping one another survive and expand as a community by offering practical solidarity to a very real issue.  We now have no supermarket in Castlemilk, and many of us find it difficult to find the time and/or funds to travel far enough to access affordable, fresh food.  Food is a basic human need, as well as a source of comfort, so to struggle to access this is shocking. Don’t let capitalist greed take away our basic human needs.

We are asking people, if they are able to, to create a dish which represents something important to them; whether that is a favourite ‘mammy/daddy/aunty/granny’ dish or just something they enjoy creating and would like to share with others.  To those who are unable to do so, we ask them to bring themselves and to enjoy Sharing and Caring with us. 

By bringing along a dish we love, sharing our time for free and providing a welcoming space for others to do the same we feel we can begin the conversations needed to bring about effective change, but also to strike up a sense of community spirit.  Food shouldn’t be a charity, it’s what keeps us alive and should be given freely.  We do that for each other in our homes, our schools and workplaces; this is simply bringing it on to our street.  Share and share alike.

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We have organised this free event with a view to bringing together the people in Castlemilk and sticking up for each other.  Highlighting the very real poverty we are experiencing and that no one should be going without nutritious food, but sadly we are. Share and Care is the way forward for us to pull together and show solidarity to those of us struggling. 

We also welcome the support of Castemilk Together Food Action, Castlemilk Youth Complex, The Senior Centre, The Jeely Piece Club, Millar Primary School, The Maureen Cope Community Hall, Castlemilk Parish Church, but most importantly all of us who live in the community. We will also have live entertainment, children’s activities, face painting, bunting making and fresh food parcels to take away.

For full details on ‘Castlemilk share and care’ on 13 April join the Facebook event here.

Picture courtesy of Kristina Servant

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