Survey into Scottish new media impact launched


Survey seeks to understand new media users and how they impact upon the Scottish political landscape

RESEARCHERS at Strathclyde University have launched a survey of Scottish new media users, in a bid to understand how they are reshaping Scotland’s political and intellectual landscape.

Fraser Stewart, a politics student at Strathclyde University, is heading-up the investigation into Scottish new media users of three popular online news and opinion sites; CommonSpace, Bella Caledonia and Wings Over Scotland.

CommonSpace readers can take part in the new media survey by clicking here

Scotland has seen a growth in new media since the Scottish independence referendum campaign beginning in 2012.

Stewart said: “Research is currently underway at the University of Strathclyde to establish how the alternative media in Scotland functions, how it varies, who is reading, how it compares to traditional media and how it fits in to the wider political landscape.

“We would sincerely appreciate your participation. Results from this survey, and indeed the study itself, will be published in autumn of this year and made easily available online.”

CommonSpace is an editorially independent digital news and views service, owned by the CommonWeal think tank and founded in 2014.

Bella Caledonia was founded as a leftwing pro-independence website in 2009.

The polemical pro-independence news monitoring blog Wings Over Scotland was founded in 2011 and is one of the most popular political websites in the UK.

The emergence of new media websites in Scotland has coincided with a sharp decline in the readership of newspapers.

Picture courtesy of Wendy Cope

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