The ultimate the “bad guy” here isn’t really the local authority, the devolved administration or even the outsourcers — it’s the Home Office. But their demonstrable badness only adds to the vicious cycle of rival nationalisms.

Source Direct: Outsourcing, Dispersal and Hostility

“The UK has rejected thousands of asylum claims from LGBT people who’ve come from countries where consensual same-sex acts are against the law. Having their identity forensically challenged and ultimately disbelieved adds unbearable psychological strain on those who may already have been marginalised and faced the threat of violence or death in their home countries just because of who they are.”

Peter Markham: Treatment of LBGT asylum seekers in Europe and the UK remains unacceptable

The breaking news is that US President Donald Trump has tested positive for covid-19. It comes just five weeks ahead of the US Presidential election.  That news somewhat puts in the shade Margaret Ferrier MP’s misdemeanours. The SNP MP travelled on train to London while awaiting a test result despite already having experienced “mild symptoms”, […]

A Home Office inspired dystopia is closer than you think

The stabbings in Park Inn hotel in Glasgow on Friday are an awful outcome of a system which breaks many of the people caught in its vice. Of course not everyone put through the savagery of the Home Office’s asylum seeker system and locked away in a hotel room for months goes on to commit […]

A terrible outcome of an awful system that leaves no one safe

It is difficult to think of many things more contemptible than a protest which intimidates and violently attacks asylum seekers and refugees. The last thing someone who is just trying to get a safe place to live, and may well be experiencing trauma having been forced to flee war or social strife in their homeland, […]

Equal rights for all refugees – no to racism