All Dominic Cummings needed was ‘plausible deniability’. In the world of sharply polarised political opinion, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s closest adviser, and a key strategic figure in the UK Government, didn’t need to be exonerated. He just needed […]

What the importance of one adviser tells us about Johnson

The UK Cabinet will meet today to review the lockdown, with all the mood music suggesting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce measures to ease quarantine. The BBC understands the “stay at home” message could be scrapped. Johnson has already spoken of announcing an “unlockdown”on Sunday. This is wholly premature. Even talking […]

Resist Boris Johnson’s “unlockdown”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has pivoted. She would not admit to that, but the evidence is clear, and it’s important that it is documented, because it may well mark a before and after moment in the Scottish Government’s response to this crisis. First, the ‘before’. On 2 March, following an emergency Cobra meeting, the First […]

Has Sturgeon’s pivot come too late?