Brazilian journalist and activist Nathália Urban looks at the sensational Bolivian election, where the left appears set to return to power less than one year after being deposed in a coup After suffering a coup d’état that cost more than 33 lives, left thousands of people injured, and forced important political figures like President Evo […]

Nathália Urban: Bolivia is a beacon of light for Latin America

At the end of this week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will outline plans for Scotland’s three-tier system for restrictions on covid-19. Then when MSPs return to the Scottish Parliament at the start of next week, the proposals will be scrutinised, debated and voted on. It’s the first time in quite awhile that there will be […]

Should the response to covid-19 be democratised?

Who would be a Catalan President? Or at least, a pro-independence Catalan President? Look through the list of those who have served as president of Catalonia before and after the period of dictatorship under General Franco and you will find that just one served out their term in office, the rest were forced out by […]

Banned for banners: Torra’s absurd removal