If you’re making this about the drunk and disorderly, you’re missing the point. The problems here are backslapping suits on Scotland’s moneyed golf courses, and handwringing liberal elites who just want to inoculate themselves against the stain of complicity.

Source Direct: Scotland’s (Real) Shame

“It would appear that Police Scotland are more frightened of belligerent football fans than nonviolent anti-racist protestors. That may be entirely rational – one does not need to be an expert in urban pacification to conclude that the latter can be kettled and bullied far more easily than the former. This does not make the double standard any less grating.”

Sean Bell: It is Police Scotland’s responsibility to answer to us, not vice versa

One of Scotland’s top firms and best-known brand names, with a truly global reach, Celtic has suddenly become a byword for negligence, thanks, above all, to THAT Dubai trip, which may go down among the all-time sporting PR disasters.

Source Direct: Sure it’s a Grand Old Mess