Like many tech firms, Deliveroo combines rampant exploitation with heavy losses. Its riders lack many standard employment rights; conversely, they made operating losses of £225 million last year.

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“Those stepping up across Scotland, who take personal risks to drive positive solutions for our communities and country, are often already stuck between a rock and a hard place before their first step. The short term cycles of financial support, of political focus and of system process, are all short term and set by those who have the power, so it is to their clock we need to work.”

Angela Watt: People must matter more than the timeframes under which they labour

What unites Liam Gallagher, Ian Rankin and Badly Drawn Boy (no, I don’t know who the last one is either)? They all had a go at Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday after he appeared to say that some workers in the Arts sector need to re-train and do other jobs. In an interview with ITV, Sunak […]

Give us a gig

“The achievement of a shorter working week would require the involvement of a strengthened trade union sector, and particularly the expansion of sectoral collective bargaining – a notion which elicits predictable horror from right-wingers with a diehard fetish for ‘labour flexibility’.”

Analysis: What stands in the way of a four-day week?

Carlos Rodriguez Expósito of the Taxi Project 2.0 in Spain says the unity and strength to resist ‘Uberisation’ was developed over many years of organising and struggle. Now, taxi drivers are expanding their range of tactics. FOR a few years now, the taxi industry’s struggle against platform capitalism, the so-called ‘Uberisation’ of the economy (or rather, […]

How workers can win – a Taxi lesson