“This is why we always lose – we march, they rig the system from within. We have the slogans and (often) the best arguments, they have the membership of all the decisive committees and boards. We need enormous amounts of public effort to get issues onto the agenda, yet they can undo it all again quietly and in private without any real effort.”

Robin McAlpine: Corrupted Scotland needs a post-virus governance revolution

Here is something curious. At the end of a detailed report on The Daily Business about the Herald & Times leaving their Glasgow office due to financial concerns, it ended with this sentence from the Scottish Government: “We are in discussion with the newspaper industry as we continue to explore how best to support businesses during this […]

Free to Rebel?

“We aim to build on the work of CommonSpace, on the labour and talent which produced it, and publish what we believe our readers need, rather than what they expect”

Editorial: Welcome to Source