“We need to start moving more towards a Circular Economy which will mean designing our products to last longer, use fewer resources and be easier to repair. This attitude stands directly in the face of many of the mass market shops on our High Street which thrive on selling us fast, single use items that we have to buy again and again.”

What will the High Street look like after lockdown?

 Boris Johnson only speaks for England. But for many people across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, that will not be clear today. Because the Prime Minister did not actually explain in his televised address last night that the partial end of the lockdown he was announcing was not for the whole of the UK. Johnson […]

The UK state is a health risk

The UK Cabinet will meet today to review the lockdown, with all the mood music suggesting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce measures to ease quarantine. The BBC understands the “stay at home” message could be scrapped. Johnson has already spoken of announcing an “unlockdown”on Sunday. This is wholly premature. Even talking […]

Resist Boris Johnson’s “unlockdown”