Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has brushed off “dangerous” calls to re-open New Zealand’s borders to visitors. She said yesterday that this is “a world where the virus is escalating not slowing, and not even peaking in some countries yet, where cases exceed ten million globally, and deaths half a million, where countries are extending and returning […]

Pursuing elimination in Scotland requires Ardern’s single-mindedness

The BBC Disclosure documentary into the Scottish Government’s response to Covid-19 raises difficult questions, which require better answers than what we have had so far by way of explanation of the early decisions which were made. A University of Edinburgh epidemiological simulation has found that if Scotland had lockdown two weeks earlier, from 9 March, […]

After Disclosure: Time for SGoRR transparency

The UK Cabinet will meet today to review the lockdown, with all the mood music suggesting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce measures to ease quarantine. The BBC understands the “stay at home” message could be scrapped. Johnson has already spoken of announcing an “unlockdown”on Sunday. This is wholly premature. Even talking […]

Resist Boris Johnson’s “unlockdown”

“Basic income could help the recovery out of this crisis; it could help soften the blow of a crisis in the future. It could be that the sceptics are right after all. But at the very least, now is the time that we all need to take basic income seriously.”

Jack Perry: Now is the time to take basic income seriously