Theoretically, the very notion that parental income determines your chances of future success should shock anyone who believes in the centrist liberal ideology of meritocracy. All the more so in Scotland, where the democratic intellect and “lad o’ pairts” myths shape our national amour propre.

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“If we want young children to develop the physical, social, emotional and cognitive capacities required for long-term health and well-being… we have to put love and play at the heart of state-sponsored early childhood education and care.”

Sue Palmer: Best place in the world to grow up?

“The problem at the heart of the statistical standardisation is that it can be simultaneously unfair to individuals, but also maintain the integrity of the system. However, if system integrity damages the life chances of individuals, then it is not much of a system.” Professor Guy Nason of the London School of Economics’ yesterday, summing up […]

“Somehow I’ve failed an exam I didn’t sit”