There are signs of some positive steps in the Scottish Government’s approach to this crisis which hopefully bode well. The setting up of an independent expert group separate from the UK Government, which will at the moment “supplement” the UK-wide expert advice but could ultimately lead to different policies being taken in Scotland, sounds like […]

The work dilemma

The lockdown is on. The government has finally done what should have happened weeks ago. Now we are running to catch-up, and the government has to run much faster. Both governments, I should say. The Scottish Government has acted in unity with the UK Government, and as such has also been utterly inadequate so far. Without doubt […]

Lockdown: Why citizens must hold government to account

Here is the plain reality of the economic situation. The economy is going to be to one extent or another shutdown for months. We don’t know to what extent, and we don’t know how many months. But we know that the economy we have is sufficiently fragile that it can’t go on like that for […]

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay

An extremely serious, historic mistake has been made. After venturing out on its own in the world with a uniquely laissez-faire approach that did not do the basic things that the World Health Organisation has pleaded with governments to do like tracking and testing people with Coronavirus, the Government completely U-turned last night, based on a […]

U-Turn: 5 questions for the Scottish Government now