Scotland’s billionaire wealth stood at £2.7 billion a decade ago; as late as 2019, it was £17.2 billion; and now, two years on, it stands at £22.4 billion. It’s worth taking a second to breathe, read those figures again and wonder what has become of this self-consciously progressive nation.

Source Direct: Covid’s Billionaire Bonanza

Highland Council is teetering on the brink. It has been the hardest hit in the UK financially from the Covid-19 crisis in terms of cash lost per head of population, standing at £411 per resident, according to research by the BBC. The council is the fourth worst hit overall in the UK, with total estimated […]

Highland Council is crying out for a tax on land

Many Scots are struggling to put food on the table nearly two months into lockdown, but at least the billionaires are doing alright. The Sunday Times Rich List showed Scotland’s super-rich grew its wealth by 13 per cent over the past year, an increase that Rich List compiler Robert Watts said was higher than the […]

The Scottish Rich List and Key Workers’ List do not match