Taken to the cleaners: How one woman and her Rubbish Party beat Ukip

Nathanael Williams

A one-woman bin campaigning party has just won a seat in a ward in Irvine Valley, East Ayrshire

THE RUBBISH PARTY is not a household name, but has managed to put Ukip’s electoral hopes in Scotland and East Ayrshire in the bin.

Sally Cogley, who ran a one-woman campaign to clean up the ward where she lives succeeded in being elected today (Friday 5 April), in a shock result which has commentators surprised and bemused.

She stood on a platform of promising locals better bin collections and as a result secured herself a seat depriving the Ukip candidate of a place.

Cogley was voted into the ward along with Labour’s George Mair and the SNP’s Elena Whitham.

In campaign materials, she wrote: “Are you frustrated with your decaying town centre? A town centre in which historic buildings are crumbling. Local amenities such as the post office and store have been lost, as predicted, due to structural problems – with no contingency plan.

“Are you aware that £2.4m, yes,  £2,400,000  has been set aside for repairs to the historic Town Chambers since about 2010? But not a penny used. Meanwhile, the building decays. Do you despair at the amount of litter, fly tipping, dog poo, cigarette ends and chewing gum that blight our roads, paths, parks, town centres and countryside?

“Do you know that the newly constructed River Irvine Path will shortly close for substantial repairs – even though it cost £213,000 to build? Who has paid for this incompetence? We have. Who will pay for the repairs? We will. This is just some of the RUBBISH that we have to live with in the valley and this is just in one of the towns.”

Picture courtesy of SC

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