“The anger is real”: Alyn Smith MEP on “outsider with easy answers” Donald Trump after election win

Independence Live

Derek McLean from Independence Live interviews Alyn Smith MEP at the European Parliament in Brussels

ALYN SMITH MEP has warned of the strength of anger among citizens in both America and Europe following Donald Trump's US election win.

In an interview with Independence Live, the MEP said of the US result: "We saw this in the Brexit vote – the anger is real.

"There's a lot of angry people out there who are struggling in their day-to-day who think that politiciains have let them down, and often with good reason, let's be blunt. 

"There's a number of people who are angry that we've not jailed bankers – I'm angry that we've not jailed bankers in our country, I'm angry about a lot of stuff that's going on. 

"An outsider with the easy answers has done pretty well. We saw this in the Leave campaign, we see this in a number of other European countries as well, and we see it with Trump. 

"The danger I think is that the anger he has unleashed has propelled him into the White House but it's propelled him into the White House on the basis of an expectation he will deliver."

Watch the full interview, which also covers the current Brexit situation, below.

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Picture courtesy of European Parliament

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