The CommonSpace Show – General Election Special

Ben Wray

The CS Show spoke to Govanites this week to get their views on the imminent General Election

THE latest edition of The CommonSpace Show sees CommonSpace journalists Rhiannon Davies and David Jamieson catching up with Liam Stevenson (of TIE campaign) and Dr Nick McKerrell (Expert in Constitutional Law).

They discuss: 

– The current state of politics and the chaos of the Tory party (3:05)

– The Scottish distance from what’s happening in Westminster and Scottish Independence (6:50) What should Scotland do about the monarchy (9:35)

– Video pieces on voices and opinions from Govan: on Boris, Brexit, and a General Election (11:20)

– Brexit and the vote to block a no deal (14:50)

– The ‘anti-political mood’ and what the general election campaigns could look like (16:13)

– The context for the current political mood – austerity and the Iraq war (21:20) 

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