The Herald: I’m a doctor in our new super hospital but I can’t bring myself to say its name


One doctor’s view on Glasgow’s new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

ONE of the bits of paper I own is a medical degree. When people find out I’m an A&E doctor in Glasgow they’re hooked. They want to talk about my work. I don’t. I fob them off with an ancient anecdote, then listen patiently, because everyone has an A&E tale to tell.

In May I addressed a national medical conference. The chairman who introduced me relished his first opportunity to welcome a speaker from “The Death Star”. Isn’t that a sticky name for a hospital?

I understand Glasgow humour. This is the natural successor to “The Sufferin’ General”, but the name catches in my throat. I can’t bring myself to say it. The hospital has an official title now. While I was on holiday, it was named and claimed by the Queen. The latest moniker sticks in my craw as well.

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Picture courtesy of Michael Chu