The Herald: The dangers for politicians in playing fast and loose with the past


By Robbie Dinwoodie

THERE’s an amusing spoof history documentary on Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy circulating at present on YouTube (click here to watch it).

I’m quite sure an equally hilarious one could be done about Alex Salmond, or indeed many leading Westminster figures.

Mind you, given that footage showing quips from actual Alex Salmond public meetings are being tweeted by the Prime Minister as evidence of sinister intent, one suspects the entire campaign has had a massive humour by-pass.

But history is being wielded as a campaigning tool as never before, often with a complete disregard for accuracy. I will mention a few examples. No doubt The Herald’s alert and notoriously well-informed readers will correct me but, in that event, I pledge, unlike politicians, not to keep repeating any porkies regardless.

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Picture courtesy of Alex Eylar