The Herald: The vows voters really want to hear


The Herald’s Iain Macwhirter gives his take on ‘the Vow plus’

FEEL you’ve been here before?

That strange familiarity you can’t quite put your finger on? You’re suffering from what we spin-doctors call “deja-vow”.

Large numbers of voters were complaining of the condition yesterday as Jim Murphy unveiled his latest bid to replace the SNP as the party of patriotic social democracy.

Keeper of the Vow Gordon Brown has agreed to storm more barns across Scotland in the coming months, in his latest final farewell tour. Mr Murphy will be unveiling his own Irn Bru 2 event accompanied by a band of specially selected egg-throwing cybernats.

All we need now is a posse of poorly-briefed hacks to come stomping over the border looking for anti-English racists. And tabloid stories claiming that voting SNP in May could spark another Great Depression, halt cancer cures, boost terrorism and increased divorce rates.

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Picture courtesy of Gordon Ednie