The lyrical ‘genius’ of Yes Giffnock is here to explain your #ForthRoadBridge questions


Partisan fight to appoint blame for bridge closure summed up by new song

‘FORTH Road Bridge is falling down’ is surely a prime example of flourishing artistic talent in post-referendum Scotland, as politics meets music in this nuanced reaction to bridge closure

All the regional Yes groups from the referendum had their own special ‘quirks’, but Yes Giffnock was always the most entertaining*

Over a year on, they’re still going, and in the wake of the Forth Road Bridge closure, as SNP and Labour slog it out over who was or wasn’t to blame for precisely which cracks and wobbly bits, Yes Giffnock took matters into their own hands.

The song they wrote has now also been made into a ‘hit’ youtube video, recorded, allegedly, by a Mr Jock Haggis. ‘Forth Road Bridge is Falling Down’ explains the bridge crisis from an SNP point of view in no less than six verses, and what it lacks in rhyme or rhythm it makes up for in sheer partisan glee.

The full lyrics are printed below, but we particlarly enjoyed** Commonspace reporter Michael Gray’s recent repeated attempts at editorial meetings to cram in the line “thanks to ScotGov’s prompt action” and “that’s unionist propaganda”, all to the nursery tune of ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’.

*using a wide-ranging defintion

** see above

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Picture courtesy of Youtube