The National: SNP conference: Discipline of a people’s party in the TV spotlight


By George Kerevan

I’M writing this amid the hurly-burly and rampant enthusiasm of the SNP’s self-styled “campaign conference”. This is taking place in the cavernous shed that is the SECC venue in Glasgow – the “city that voted Yes”, as we are frequently reminded from the platform. It certainly feels like I am in a part of Free Caledonia. But then, this is certainly the largest-ever political conference to be held in Scotland since Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Highlanders occupied Edinburgh. Better still, it could even be the largest-ever party gathering – in terms of official branch delegates – ever seen in the United Kingdom.

When I say hurly-burly, I mean there is a bagpiper playing in my ear. I have decamped to the relative tranquillity of the adjacent hotel only to find a wedding reception in progress. Still, journalistic beggars can’t be choosers.

I dipped into the press room – the heart of darkness, in the minds of many delegates – but then dipped out. For starters, the bagpipes make less noise than the average, gossipy press shack. Plus it is always a veritable tip.

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Picture courtesy of First Minister of Scotland