The News in 5 Minutes: Chilcot, Corbyn, Beyonce and drinking away the boredom


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT of the CommonSpace daily news roundup looks at the fallout from the Chilcot report into the Iraq War, Jeremy Corbyn’s apology for said war, Gareth Bale, Beyonce in Glasgow and booze on Twitter.

News: Chilcot findings leave Blair open to possible legal challenge

Bad day for Blair

The publication of the Chilcot report yesterday (6 July) was roundly criticial of Tony Blair’s case for and conduct during the build-up to the Iraq war, and could leave the former PM vulnerable to legal challenges. The report stated that the legal basis for the war was “far from satisfactory” and legal representatives of the families of soldiers killed in Iraq have said they will consider their next steps after a full review of the 2.6 million word document. Tony Blair said, in summary: ‘What, me?’

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RMT calls on Scottish Government to prevent scabbing

The RMT union, which represents striking guards on Scotrail trains has called on the Scottish Government to prevent their employer’s strike-breaking attempts, the Herald reports. It has emerged that Scotrail is attempting to induce rail workers from the TSSA union in Northern England to take up the tasks of striking Scottish guards. The train guards are taking rolling industrial action over fears of the extension of Driver Only Operated (DOO) trains.

Politics: Jeremy Corbyn apologises on behalf of Labour for Iraq War

Labour leader apologises for Iraq War

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, apologised yesterday on behalf of the Labour party for the Iraq War, following damming criticisms in the Chilcot report. It remains uncertain whether Angela Eagle intends to retract the apology and tell the public and Iraqis to ‘get over it’ in the event she becomes leader.

Conservative leadership race approaches final phase

The Conservative party membership will soon be asked to choose between two surviving candidates to be leader of their party and the country. The three remaining contenders, the Brexiters Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom and the favourite, Theresa May, will be filleted down to two to face the judgement of party members. No country-wide election or ‘democracy’ has been deemed appropriate.

Sport: Wales can be “proud” of its Euro achievement and it all hangs on Andy Murray now

Welsh football star Gareth Bale has said that the national side can be proud of their achievements in the Euro 2016, despite being knocked out by Portugal in their semi-final clash last night. Reaching the semi-finals was a historic moment for Wales, and their greatest international footballing achievement since 1958 when they reached the World Cup quarter finals.


Andy Murray is through to the semi-finals, and is subsequently carrying the sporting hopes of the entire United Kingdom, which has now been knocked out of everything else.

Culture: Beyonce set to play Hampden

Beyonce is set to play to a packed Hampden in Glasgow tonight, whith speculation on Glasgow Live that the global superstar will be supported R and B act by Chloe and Halle.

Weather: A sunny weekend for the UK, except for Scotland of course

There is rain predicted over the weekend for Scotland, despite a relative revival in summer climates for the rest of the UK. The joys.

And another thing

Glasgow City Council wants you to deal with boredom by drinking, apparently. Pass us the bottle opener.

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