The News in 5 Minutes: Jupiter, Tory leadership, Gareth Bale and #GrowingUpScottish


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The first installment includes the Jupiter probe, the Conservative leadership election, the Wales vs Portugal Euro semi-final, the pouring rain and #GrowingUpScottish.

News: Nasa probes Jupiter, teachers prepare to strike and abuse inquiry courts controversy

Nasa probe in Orbit around Jupiter

The Juno probe, launched by Nasa five years ago, has finally arrived in Jupiter’s orbit.

The probe transmitted news of its success back to Nasa scientists in Pasadena, California, who proceeded to punch the air and howl that way they always do.

The probe is designed to monitor Jupiter to uncover how the gas giant formed four and a half billion years ago, the BBC reports.

Teacher’s strike

The popularity of Conservative education policy is on display today (5 July) as Teachers in England go on strike over school funding. 91.7 per cent of NUT members voted for the 24 hour action, with rallies and marches taking place across England.

Survivors group abandons abuse inquiry

The Scottish inquiry into historic child abuse is in jeopardy after a survivor’s group say they have lost confidence in it amid accusation of ministerial interference, the BBC reports.

Politics: Tory leadership race, more Brexit, and Juncker goes for Farage and Johnson

Voting begins in Tory leadership race

Theresa May is the front runner as the Conservatives five leadership candidates enter the first round of voting.

May, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Stephen Crabb, and Liam Fox will first have to win the support of Tory MPs, before the two most popular candidates are put to the Conservative party membership. The vote is taking place instead of the cumbersome process whereby the public vote for who runs the country, a ‘general election’.

Read CommonSpace’s guide to the leadership race here.

Nicola Sturgeon talks with Scottish businesses post Brexit

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to hold talks with Scottish businesses to urge a“united response” in the aftermath of Brexit.

Jean Claude Juncker: Johnson and Farage are “sad”

President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker has attacked Boris Johnson and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage as “sad Brexit heros” accusing them of abandoning politics as soon as things got difficult for them.

Sport: ‘Wales v Portugal, not Gareth Bale v Cristiano Ronaldo'

Welsh football star Gareth Bale has criticised media coverage of the forthcoming Wales v Portugal fixture.

Reported on the BBC, Bale said: “It's not about two players, it is about two nations in a semi-final, 11 men against 11 men.”

The Euro semi-final clash will come in Lyon tomorrow (Wednesday 6 July).

Culture: People are talking about Top Gear again

Former Top Gear presenter criticises Chris Evans show

A former Top Gear presenter has taken the opportunity of Chris Evan’s resignation from the hit BBC show to criticise it’s current trajectory

Speaking to the BBC Tiff Needell said the new version of the car enthusiasts show, which needed new presenters after the departure of Jeremy Clarkson and his team, was “a bad copy of the same show”.

Weather: It’s still raining

2016 sees one of the wettest Junes on record

2016 has seen one of its wettest Junes on record, and one of the dullest as well with far below average sunlight, and there’s more rainy weather to come the Scotsman reports.

And another thing

#GrowingUpScottish hashtag rocks Scottish twitter

Scots Twitter users have indulged a fit of nostalgia with the hashtag #GrowingUpScottish.

CommonSpace compiled some of the most humorous memories from Scottish childhood.

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