The News in 5 minutes: Living Wage, Angela Eagle, T in the Park and a smashed Hampden seat


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (11 July) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Angela Eagle’s challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour and Andy Murray’s Wimbeldon victory.

News: Living Wage does not result in fewer jobs

Improvements in wages fail to increase unemployment

A report by the Resolution Foundation has found that the new ‘Living Wage’ introduced by the Conservative Government has not resulted in cuts to job numbers. The new pay legislation, which sees workers aged 25 and over earn at least £7.20 per hour, was accused by critics of endangering jobs as employers were forced to cut costs. Instead, it transpires, bosses have raised prices or paid for the changes with profits. When the minimum wage was introduced in 1999 at £3.60 per hour employers made similar warnings about job cuts that never transpired. Funny that.

Hundreds arrested in new wave of US Black Lives Matter protest

Over 160 protestors have been arrested across the US during a fresh wave of protests against police killings of young black men, the Guardian reports. The crackdown comes after an attack on police officers in Dallas last week during a demonstration after the death of two young black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, at police hands.

Politics: Angela Eagle to challenge Jeremy Corbyn

Angela Eagle to launch leadership bid against Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MP Angela Eagle will today (11 July) launch a leadership bid to oust current leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn, the BBC reports. Eagle previously came a distant fourth in the race to become Labour deputy leader, at the same time as Corbyn was securing an historic 59.5 per cent of the membership to lead the party last September.

Angus Robertson says failure of Scots EU talks will lead to indyref 2

The leader of the SNP at Westminster has given the strongest assurance yet that a second referendum on Scottish independence will follow any failed negotiation attempts to maintain Scotland’s relationship with the EU, the Scotsman reports.

Sport: Andy Murray wins second Wimbeldon title

He’s done it again

Andy Murray claimed his second Wimbledon victory yesterday (10 July). Yeah yeah, he’s really great, we get it. It’s tough being Scottish and brilliant.

Homeless world Cup comes to Glasgow

Never mind the Euros, the Homeless world cup has kicked off in Glasgow! And Scotland made it to this tournament.

Culture: T in the Park

The Guardian carries an overview of Scotland’s Largest music festival ‘T in the Park’ which this year saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris among many other acts.

Weather: On and off rain

This section of The News in 5 Minutes is going to have to change its name to ‘rain’. There’s rain forecast for most of the next week, but interspersed with periods of sun and cloud cover, the BBC reports.

And another thing

As police continue their search for fans involved in invading the pitch at the Rangers vs Hibernian cup final in May, one fan memorabilia trader is trying to sell on a mangled Hampden chair from the game for £150. The smashed-up bit of plastic has so far failed raise a single bid on Ebay.

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